Warrant Officer to the Royal Navy

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Warrant Officer to the Royal Navy
Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg
Ensign of the Royal Navy
Carl Steedman.jpg
WO1 Carl Steedman

since January 2020
Ministry of Defence
StyleWarrant Officer
Reports toNavy Command
NominatorSecond Sea Lord
AppointerNavy Board
Term lengthNot fixed (typically 1–4 years)
PrecursorSecond Sea Lord's Command Warrant Officer

The Warrant Officer to the Royal Navy (WORN) (previously known as the Warrant Officer of the Naval Service) is the most senior warrant officer and rating of the Royal Navy. The person holding this appointment's main responsibility is to act as a channel between the non commissioned ranks and Senior Naval officers, enabling communication between the Sailors and Marines and the Senior Navy leadership.[1]

The post was created in 2010, replacing the post of Second Sea Lord's Command Warrant Officer.[2]


A command warrant officer badge is worn on the left breast of their uniform during the period of the appointment.[3]

For ceremonial occasions they may carry a ceremonial cane, made out of wood from HMS Victory.[3][4]


No. Portrait Name Took office Left office Time in office Ref
Terry Casey MBE
Casey, TerryTerry Casey MBEJuly 2010December 20133 years, 5 months.
Steve Cass
Cass, SteveSteve CassDecember 201317 March 20173 years, 3 months[5]
Nicholas Sharland MBE
Sharland, NicholasNicholas Sharland MBE17 March 2017February 20202 years, 11 months[6][7]
Carl Steedman
Steedman, CarlCarl Steedman
(born 1973)
31 January 2020Incumbent2 years, 11 months[8][9]

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