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This is a list of Naval Air Stations of the Royal Navy. Naval Air Stations are land bases of the Fleet Air Arm, the branch of the Royal Navy responsible for the operation of naval aircraft.

Current Naval Air Stations

Currently RNAS means "Royal Naval Air Station" and, in common with the Royal Air Force, is always followed by a geographical place in which the air station is located. (Historically RNAS is the "Royal Naval Air Service")

Former Naval Air Stations

RNAS HMS RAF RN Years active Current county Country Notes
Abbotsinch Sanderling Abbotsinch 1943–1963 Renfrewshire Scotland Lodger facilities 1939–43. Now Glasgow Airport
n/a n/a Aldergrove 1939–40
Co. Antrim Northern Ireland Naval units as lodgers on an RAF Base. Now Joint Helicopter Command Flying Station Aldergrove
Angle Goldcrest Angle 1943 Pembrokeshire Wales Farmland
Anglesey n/a Mona 1915–1918 Anglesey Wales Airship station
Anthorn Nuthatch Anthorn 1944–58 Cumbria England Now Anthorn Radio Station
Arbroath Condor n/a 1940–1971 Angus Scotland Now RM Condor
Archerfield Nabreekie n/a 1945–46 Queensland Australia MONAB VII
Ayr Wagtail Heathfield
1944–46 South Ayrshire Scotland
Bacton n/a Bacton 1915–19 Norfolk England
Ballyhalbert Corncrake Ballyhalbert 1945 Co. Down Northern Ireland
Ballykelly Sealion Ballykelly 1962–1971 Co. Londonderry Northern Ireland RAF station hosting Joint Ant-Submarine School from 1947, RN having lodger status. Joint RAF-RN station from 1962. Now Shackleton Barracks
Bankstown Nabberley n/a 1944–1946 New South Wales Australia MONAB II. Now Bankstown Airport
Beccles Hornbill II Beccles −1945 Suffolk England Lodger facilities only.
n/a n/a Benbecula Western Isles Scotland Lodger facilities only. Now Benbecula Airport and RRH Benbecula.
n/a n/a Benson Oxfordshire England Lodger facilities only. Now RAF Benson
n/a n/a Bircham Newton Norfolk England Lodger facilities only.
Boaz Island HMS Malabar n/a ? Sandys Parish Bermuda
n/a n/a Boscombe Down Wiltshire England Now MoD Boscombe Down
Bramcote Gamecock Bramcote 1946–58 Warwickshire England Now Gamecock Barracks
n/a n/a Bratton 1943–44 Shropshire England Provided training facilities for RNAS Hinstock during 1943/44
Brawdy Goldcrest
Goldcrest II
Brawdy 1946–1971 Pembrokeshire Wales Now Cawdor Barracks
Bungay Europa II Bungay
1945–46 Suffolk England
Burscough Ringtail n/a 1943–46 Lancashire England
n/a n/a Bush Barn
No. 44 SLG
1944–45 Oxfordshire England
Calshot n/a Calshot 1913–22 Hampshire England
Campbeltown Landrail
Landrail II
n/a 1940–45 Argyll & Bute Scotland Located 1 mile SE of RAF Machrihanish, grass landing ground north of the B843.
Capel n/a Folkestone 1915–19 Kent England
Cattewater n/a Cattewater
Mount Batten
1917–18 Devon England
Charlton Horethorne Heron II Charlton Horethorne 1943–45 Somerset England
China Bay Bambara n/a Trincomalee Sri Lanka Now China Bay Airport
Chingford n/a Chingford 1915–19 Greater London England Now William Girling Reservoir
n/a Raven Christchurch ?-1945 Dorset England Lodger facilities with a Naval Air Section and the Naval Air Radio Installation Unit.
n/a (Station in Reserve) n/a Cluntoe 1947-mid 1950s Co. Tyrone Northern Ireland Used occasionally.
n/a 1942–46 Cochin India Now Sulur Air Force Station
Colombo Racecourse Bherunda Colombo Racecourse 1943–45 Colombo Sri Lanka Now Colombo Racecourse
Covehithe n/a Covehithe 1915–19 Suffolk England
Cowdray Park n/a n/a 1941–45 West Sussex England Private airfield requisitioned for the storage of obsolescent naval aircraft.
Crail Bruce
Crail 1940–1961 Fife Scotland
RNAS Training Establishment, Cranwell Daedalus (Thunderbolt) Cranwell 1916–1918 Lincolnshire England Now Royal Air Force College
Culham Hornbill n/a 1944–1953 Oxfordshire England Now Culham Science Centre
Culmhead n/a Culmhead
Somerset England Lodger facilities only. Now Culmhead Business Centre
Dale Goldcrest Dale 1943–48 Pembrokeshire Wales Farmland/caravan sites
n/a n/a Defford Worcestershire England RN Air Section attached to Telecommunications Flying Unit RAF.
Dekheila Grebe
Nile II
LG-34/LG-235 1940–46 Egypt
Diego Suarez n/a n/a 1940–46 Madagascar
n/a Seaborn n/a 1940–46 Canada Lodger facilities only. Now CFB Shearwater
n/a n/a Detling 1940–41 Kent England Lodger facilities only.
n/a n/a Docking 1942–44 Norfolk England Lodger facilities only.
Donibristle Merlin Donibristle 1939–1959 Fife Scotland
Dounreay Tern II 1944–54 Highland Scotland Never commissioned.
Drem Nighthawk Drem 1945–46 East Lothian Scotland Lodger facilities until 1945.
Dundee Condor II Dundee 1941–44 Dundee City Scotland Seaplane base / repair depot.
n/a n/a Dundonald 1944 South Ayrshire Scotland Lodger facilities only.
Dunino Jackdaw II Dunino 1942–46 Fife Scotland
n/a n/a Duxford 1941–43 Cambridgeshire England Lodger facilities only.
East Fortune n/a East Fortune 1915–18 East Lothian Scotland National Museum of Flight
East Haven Peewit 1943–46 Angus Scotland
Eastchurch n/a Eastchurch 1910–1918 Kent England Now HM Prison Standford Hill
n/a Raven Eastleigh
1935–39, 1939–1947 Hampshire England Now Southampton Airport
Eglinton Gannet Eglinton 1943–1959
Co. Londonderry Northern Ireland Now City of Derry Airport
Evanton Fieldfare Evanton
1944–48 Highland Scotland
Fairlop n/a Fairlop 1916-18 Essex England Playing fields, to north of WW2 RAF Fairlop
Fearn Owl Fearn 1942–46 Highland Scotland
Felixstowe n/a Felixstowe 1913–19 Suffolk England See Seaplane Experimental Station
Fishguard n/a 1917–19 Pembrokeshire Wales
Ford Peregrine Ford
Ford Junction
1939–1958 West Sussex England Now HM Prison Ford
n/a n/a Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire Scotland Lodger facilities only.
Gan Haitian Gan 1941–57 Addu Atoll Maldives Now Gan International Airport
Goldhanger n/a Goldhanger 1915–16 Essex England Farmland
Gosport Siskin Gosport 1940–56 Hampshire England
Grimsetter Robin Grimsetter 1943–45 Orkney Scotland Now Kirkwall Airport
Haldon Heron II Haldon 1941–43 Devon England
Halifax Canada
? Nova Scotia Canada
Halesworth Sparrowhawk Halesworth 1945–46 Suffolk England Lodger facilities until 1945
Hastings Spurwing Hastings 1943–44 Sierra Leone Lodger facilities until 1943
Hatston Sparrowhawk
Tern II
1939–1945 Orkney Scotland
Heath Row n/a Heathrow 1944–45 Greater London England Lodger facilities for a flight of 781 Naval Air Squadron only. Now Heathrow airport
Henstridge Dipper n/a 1943–46
Somerset England Henstridge Airfield, One of only 2 RNAS stations with 5 runways (Arbroath being the other), one of which had a dummy deck landing area with arrestor system for carrier training
Hinstock Godwit Ollerton 1943–47 Shropshire England
Hiswa Rapax Hiswa Aden
Hornsea Mere n/a Atwick ?-1918 East Yorkshire England
Inskip Nightjar n/a 1943–46 Lancashire England
n/a n/a Helier 1940 Jersey Channel Islands
n/a Nabstock n/a 1945–46 Queensland Australia MONAB VI
Jervis Bay Nabswick n/a 1945–46 New South Wales Australia MONAB V
Kai Tak Nabcatcher
Kai Tak 1947–? Kowloon Bay Hong Kong MONAB VIII
Katukurunda Ukussa Katukurunda Katukurunda Sri Lanka.[1] Now Katukurunda Airport
Kete Harrier n/a 1945–1961 Pembrokeshire Wales
Kilindini Kipanga n/a 1942–44 Mombasa Kenya
Kingsnorth n/a Kingsnorth 1914–25 Kent England WW1 airship station on Isle of Grain on south bank of R Thames
Kirkistown Corncrake II Kirkistown 1945–46 Co. Down Northern Ireland Lodger facilities only during WWII. Satellite airfield from July 1945.
Komenda Wara Takoradi Oct–Dec 1943 Ghana Now Takoradi Airport
n/a n/a Langham 1942–44 Norfolk England Lodger facilities only.
Lawrenny Ferry Daedalus II n/a 1942–43 Pembrokeshire Wales Riverbank slipway
Lee-on-Solent Ariel
Daedalus III
Lee-on-Solent 1939–1995 Hampshire England
n/a n/a Leuchars ?-1938
Fife Scotland Lodger facilities only. Now Leuchars Station
Lewiston Saker n/a 1943–45 Maine United States Now Auburn/Lewiston Municipal Airport
Limavady n/a Limavady 1944
Co. Londonderry Northern Ireland Lodger facilities during 1944. Naval charge from 1945.
Long Kesh n/a Long Kesh 1944–45 Co. Antrim Northern Ireland Lodger facilities only.
Lossiemouth Fulmar Lossiemouth 1946–1972 Moray Scotland Now RAF Lossiemouth. RN lodger status 1972–79.
Luce Bay n/a West Freugh 1940–43 Dumfries and Galloway Scotland Lodger facilities only. Now MoD West Freugh
Ludham Flycatcher Ludham 1944–? Norfolk England Farmland/private airstrip
Lympne Buzzard
Daedalus II
Lympne 1939–1940 Kent England
Machrihanish Landrail Machrihanish 1941–46
Argyll & Bute Scotland Now MoD Machrihanish & Campbeltown Airport
Mackinnon Road Tana
Kipanga II
n/a 1942–44 Taita-Taveta Kenya Now Mackinnon Road Airport
Macmerry Nighthawk II Macmerry 1945–46 East Lothian Scotland
Manston Manston 1933–35
Kent England Used by FAA squadron between 1933 and 1935. Lodger facilities during WW2 and used by 845 Naval Air Squadron briefly during early 1974. Now Manston Airport
Maydown Shrike
Gannet II
Maydown 1943–45 Co. Londonderry Northern Ireland
Maharagama HMS Monara 1943–46 Maharagama Ceylon Royal Naval Air Ceylonese Training Establishment in Maharagama which was later taken over by the National Teachers' Training College.[2]
Middle Wallop Flycatcher Middle Wallop 1945–46 Hampshire England Now AAC Middle Wallop
Milltown Fulmar II Milltown 1946–1972 Moray Scotland
n/a Carew Cheriton
1914–18 Pembrokeshire Wales
Minnerya n/a Minnerya 1942–46 Sri Lanka Lodger facilities only. Now Hingurakgoda Airport
Narborough n/a Narborough Aug 1916-1916 Norfolk England Farmland to NE of RAF Marham
n/a n/a North Coates 1940–41 Lincolnshire England
Nowra Nabbington
n/a Jan–Nov 1945
New South Wales Australia MONAB I
MONAB V. Now HMAS Albatross (air station)
Nutts Corner Pintail Nutts Corner 1945–46 Co. Antrim Northern Ireland
Palisadoes Malabar III
n/a 1941–43 Kingston Jamaica Now Norman Manley International Airport
n/a n/a Pembroke Dock 1940–41 Pembrokeshire Wales Lodger facilities only.
Peplow Godwit II Peplow 1945–49 Shropshire England
n/a n/a Perranporth 1944 Cornwall England Lodger facilities only.
n/a n/a Peterhead 1942–44 Aberdeenshire Scotland Lodger facilities only.
Piarco Malabar II
n/a 1940–46 Trinidad Now Piarco International Airport
n/a Kipanga Port Reitz ? Mombasa Kenya Lodger facilities only.
Ponam Nabaron n/a Apr–Nov 1945 Admiralty Islands Papua New Guinea MONAB IV
Portland Osprey Portland 1959–1999 Dorset England Also previously HMS Sarepta
Prestwick Gannet Prestwick 1971–2016 South Ayrshire Scotland Now Glasgow Prestwick Airport
Pulham n/a Pulham 1915-1918 Norfolk England Airship station
Puttalam Rajaliya n/a 1942–45 Puttalam District Sri Lanka
Quonset Point Asbury n/a 1942–1943 Rhode Island United States Now Quonset Point Air National Guard Station
Ras el-Tin Point Nile Apr 1939–
Jun 1946
Alexandria Egypt
Rattray Head
Merganser Oct 1944–
Sept 1946
Aberdeenshire Scotland
Redcar Redcar 1915–1919 North Yorkshire England
Roborough Drake II Roborough 1939–1942
Devon England Now Plymouth City Airport
Ronaldsway Urley Ronaldsway 1944–46 Isle of Man
Sandbanks Daedalus n/a 1940–43 Dorset England
Schofields Nabthorpe
n/a Feb–Nov 1945
Nov 1945– ?
New South Wales Australia MONAB III
MONAB VI. Now Schofields Defence Depot, up for sale.
n/a n/a St Davids 1947–1961 Pembrokeshire Wales
n/a n/a St Mawgan
1954–56 Cornwall England Used by 744 Naval Air Squadron
St Merryn Curlew
1940–1956 Cornwall England
Sembawang Simbang
Sembawang Singapore MONAB IX
Sigiriya n/a Sigiriya Sri Lanka Lodger facilities only. Now Sigiriya Airport
Skaebrae Tern II Skaebrae 1940–? Orkney Scotland Lodger facilities only initially.
n/a n/a Skitten 1940–41 Highland Scotland Lodger facilities only.
Speke n/a Speke 1942–45 Merseyside England Lodger facilities only initially, housed a RN Air Section. Now Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Stornoway Mentor II Stornoway 1940–41
Western Isles Scotland Seaplanes operated from Stornoway harbour 1940–41. Subsequently, lodger facilities available at RAF Stornoway airfield.
Stretton Blackcap n/a 1942–1958 Cheshire England
Sullom Voe n/a Sullom Voe 1940–41 Shetland Scotland Lodger unit on an RAF seaplane base.
n/a n/a Sumburgh 1941–42 Shetland Scotland Lodger facilities only. Now Sumburgh Airport
Sydenham Gadwall
Gannet III
Sydenham 1943–1973 Co. Antrim Northern Ireland Also known as RNAS Belfast. Now George Best Belfast City Airport
n/a n/a Tain 1942–44 Highland Scotland Lodger facilities only.
Tambaram Valluru Tambaram 1944–45 Madras India Now Tambaram Air Force Station
Tanga Kilele n/a 1942–44 Tanzania Now Tanga Airport
n/a Falcon Hal Far 1929–50
n/a Goldfinch
St Angelo
Ta Kali 1945–53 Malta
Tangmere n/a Tangmere 1942–50 West Sussex England Lodger facilities only initially, the Naval Air Fighting Development Unit was present at some point.
Thorney Island n/a Thorney Island 1940–48 West Sussex England Lodger facilities only initially, used by the Naval Air Sea Warfare Development Unit at some point. Now Baker Barracks
Tresco n/a Tresco 1917–19 Isles of Scilly, Cornwall England
n/a n/a Turnhouse 1942–44 City of Edinburgh Scotland Lodger facilities only. Now Edinburgh Airport
Twatt Tern Twatt 1941–1957 Orkney Scotland
Voi Tana
Kipanga II
n/a 1944 Kenya Never commissioned
Walmer n/a Walmer 1917–1918 Kent England Hawkshill Freedown (open land)
Wingfield Malagas n/a 1942–46 Western Cape South Africa Now SAS Wingfield
Woodvale Ringtail II Woodvale 1942–45
Merseyside England Lodger facilities only initially, satellite airfield postwar.
Worthy Down Kestrel
Worthy Down 1938–39
Hampshire England Lodger facilities only pre WWII. Now Worthy Down Camp
Zeals Hummingbird Zeals 1945–46 Wiltshire England

Former Naval Air Stations by ship name (HMS xxx)

HMS means Her Majesty's Ship (or His Majesty's Ship if before February 1952).

Some smaller and some very early Naval Air Stations in the list above were not commissioned as HM Ship(s). Those below were commissioned and, therefore, have a ship's name. Royal Navy shore bases and naval air stations have traditionally been named in the same manner as seagoing ships.

Officers were appointed to HMS xxx rather than to RNAS xxx and, similarly, ratings' Service Certificates will show only the name of the ship when drafted to a Naval Air Station. Thus, this list may help when researching family history records.[citation needed]

HMS Nearest Town County Country Current use
HMS Ariel South Wonston Hampshire England
HMS Ariel Lee-on-the-Solent Hampshire England
HMS Blackcap Stretton Cheshire England
HMS Buzzard Lympne Kent England Industrial estate
HMS Buzzard Palisadoes Kingston Jamaica
HMS Condor Arbroath Angus Scotland RM Condor
HMS Corncrake Ballyhalbert Co. Down Northern Ireland Housing
HMS Curlew St Merryn Cornwall England Farmland
HMS Daedalus II Lympne Kent England Industrial Estate
HMS Daedalus II Sandbanks Dorset England in Poole Harbour
HMS Daedalus II Lawrenny Ferry Pembrokeshire Wales Riverbank slipway
HMS Daedalus III Lee-on-the-Solent Hampshire England Lee-on-Solent Airfield
HMS Europa II Bungay Suffolk England Farmland
HMS Falcon Ħal Far Malta Industrial Estate
HMS Fieldfare Evanton Ross and Cromarty Scotland Industrial Estate
HMS Flycatcher RAF Ludham Norfolk England Farmland/private airstrip
HMS Flycatcher Middle Wallop Hampshire England AAC Middle Wallop
HMS Flycatcher Kai Tak Kowloon Bay Hong Kong Kai Tak Development
HMS Fulmar Lossiemouth Morayshire Scotland RAF Lossiemouth
HMS Gadwall Sydenham Belfast Northern Ireland Sydenham Airport 1938-1941, RAF Belfast 1941-1943 and 1973-1978, Belfast City Airport (George Best Belfast City Airport) 1978-present
HMS Gamecock Bramcote Warwickshire England Gamecock Barracks
HMS Gannet Eglinton Co. Londonderry Northern Ireland City of Derry Airport
HMS Gannet Prestwick South Ayrshire Scotland Glasgow Prestwick Airport
HMS Gannet II Maydown Co. Londonderry Northern Ireland Industry
HMS Gannet III Sydenham Belfast Northern Ireland George Best Belfast City Airport
HMS Godwit Ollerton Shropshire England
HMS Goldcrest Angle Pembrokeshire Wales Farmland
HMS Goldfinch Ta' Qali Malta Park
HMS Grebe Alexandria Egypt
HMS Heron II Charlton Horethorne Somerset England Farmland
HMS Heron II Haldon Hills Devon England
HMS Hornbill Culham, Abingdon Oxfordshire England Fusion research facility
HMS Hornbill II Beccles Suffolk England Various
HMS Hummingbird Zeals Wiltshire England Farmland
HMS Icarus Scapa Flow Orkney Scotland ?
HMS Jackdaw II Kingsbarns Fife Scotland
HMS Kipanga Kilindini Mombasa County Kenya
HMS Kipanga II Mackinnon Road Taita-Taveta County Kenya
HMS Kipanga II Moi International Airport Mombasa County Kenya Moi International Airport
HMS Kestrel South Wonston Hampshire England Worthy Down Camp
HMS Landrail Machrihanish Argyllshire Scotland Campbeltown Airport
HMS Malabar Boaz Island Sandys Parish Bermuda Housing
HMS Merganser Rattray Aberdeenshire Scotland Long range radio station
HMS Mentor II Stornoway Outer Hebrides Scotland Stornoway Airport
HMS Merlin Donibristle Fife Scotland Dalgety Bay
HMS Nabaron Ponam Island Papua New Guinea
HMS Nabberley Bankstown Australia Bankstown Airport
HMS Nabbington Nowra Australia HMAS Albatross
HMS Nabcatcher Kowloon Bay Kowloon Peninsula Hong Kong
HMS Nabhurst Middle Wallop Hampshire England
HMS Nabreekie Pinkenba Brisbane Australia
HMS Nabrock Sembawang Singapore
HMS Nabstock Maryborough Queensland Australia
HMS Nabswick Jervis Bay New South Wales Australia
HMS Nabthorpe Schofields New South Wales Australia RAAF Station Schofields
HMS Nighthawk Drem East Lothian Scotland Farmland/industry/RAF Drem Museum
HMS Nightjar Inskip Lancashire England Farmland/industry
HMS Nuthatch Anthorn Cumbria England Anthorn Radio Station
HMS Osprey Portland Dorset England Coastguard base
HMS Owl Fearn Ross and Cromarty Scotland
HMS Peewit East Haven Angus Scotland
HMS Peregrine Ford West Sussex England
HMS Pintail Crumlin Co. Antrim Northern Ireland
HMS Raven Eastleigh Hampshire England Southampton International Airport
HMS Ringtail Burscough/Ormskirk Lancashire England
HMS Robin Kirkwall Orkney Scotland Kirkwall Airport
HMS Sanderling Abbotsinch Renfrewshire Scotland Glasgow Airport
HMS Sarepta Portland Dorset England
HMS Seaborn Halifax Nova Scotia Canada CFB Shearwater
HMS Sealion Ballykelly Co. Londonderry Northern Ireland Shackleton Barracks
HMS Shrike Maydown Co. Londonderry Northern Ireland Industry
HMS Simbang Sembawang Singapore Sembawang Air Base
HMS Siskin Gosport Hampshire England HMS Sultan
HMS Sparrowhawk Kirkwall Orkney Scotland Industrial Estate
HMS Spurwing Hastings Western Area Sierra Leone
HMS Tern Twatt Orkney Scotland
HMS Ukussa Kalutara Western Province Sri Lanka Katukurunda Airport
HMS Urley Ronaldsway Isle of Man Isle of Man Airport
HMS Vulture St Merryn Cornwall England Farmland
HMS Vulture II Treligga Cornwall England Farmland
HMS Wagtail Heathfield South Ayrshire Scotland Housing estate

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