HMS Wildfire (shore establishment 2000)

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Royal Navy EnsignUnited Kingdom
NameHMS Wildfire
CommissionedMay 2000
StatusCurrently operational
General characteristics
Class and typeStone frigate

HMS Wildfire is a Royal Naval Reserve unit in Northwood, North West London. Training over 100 reservists, HMS Wildfire is located within a purpose built training facility inside the national military tri-service HQ and NATO base.


Descended from a long a line of HMS Wildfires since the 1760s,[1][2] the current unit was commissioned as HMS Northwood in 1957 to support the growing NATO Eastern Atlantic Command at Northwood.[3]

Housed initially within Northwood Headquarters, the unit occupied a series of huts until in 1988 the unit moved to Brackenhill House, an Edwardian mansion situated 250 yards (230 m) from the main gate of Northwood Headquarters/HMS Warrior.[3] In May 2000 HMS Northwood decommissioned and was commissioned as HMS Wildfire.[4]

As part of the redevelopment of the base HMS Wildfire returned to the main base into a modern purpose built facility. On 11 June 2011, the Ships company formally marched from Brackenhill House to the Northwood base behind the RM Band Portsmouth and was inspected by Commander-in-Chief Fleet, Admiral Sir Trevor Soar.[3]

Commanding Officer

The current Commanding Officer of HMS Wildfire is Commander Hannah MacKenzie.[5]


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