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HMS Tracker (P274).JPG
HMS Tracker in 2006
United Kingdom
NameHMS Tracker
OperatorRoyal Navy
BuilderAilsa Shipbuilding Company
CommissionedJanuary 1998
HomeportHMNB Clyde
StatusIn active service
General characteristics
Class and type Archer-class patrol vessel
Displacement54 tonnes
Length20.8 m (68 ft)
Beam5.8 m (19 ft)
Draught1.8 m (5 ft 11 in)
Propulsion2 shafts, Rolls Royce MTU V12 diesel engines
  • 25 kn (46 km/h)
  • 45 kn (83 km/h) (Hull design, but limited due to engine fitted)
Range550 nmi (1,020 km)
Sensors and
processing systems
Decca 1216 navigation radar
ArmourBallistic protection fitted

HMS Tracker is an Archer-class (P2000) patrol and training vessel of the British Royal Navy.[1][2] Along with the batch 2 Archer class, HMS Raider, Tracker is part of the Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron based at HMNB Clyde.


Tracker is one of sixteen 20-metre, 54-tonne P2000 patrol craft operated by the Royal Navy. She is constructed from glass-reinforced plastic. As a "batch 2" vessel, Tracker has a sustainable top speed of 24 knots, faster than her batch 1 sister ships due to her more powerful turbocharged MTU diesels; she can exceed 24 knots in suitable sea conditions. Both Raider and Tracker operate in the force protection role, providing maritime security for high value shipping in the Firth of Clyde, and are armed with three general purpose machine guns.


Tracker commissioned alongside her sister Raider in January 1998, with Tracker replacing Oxford University Royal Naval Unit's previous training craft, Loyal Chancellor. She served with Oxford University Royal Naval Unit for sea-based training of both students and regular personnel in UK and European waters. In October 2012 both Tracker and Raider joined the Faslane Patrol Boat Squadron.


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