HMS King Alfred (shore establishment 1994)

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United Kingdom
NameHMS King Alfred
Commissioned8 June 1994
General characteristics
Class and typeStone frigate

HMS King Alfred is a Royal Naval Reserve unit located in Portsmouth. The unit has a complement of over 200 reservists and provides training facilities to other lodger units, including the local Royal Marines Reserve (RMR) City of London (Portsmouth Detachment), and local University Royal Naval Unit (URNU).[1][2]

HMS King Alfred previously opened on 1 April 1994 on Whale Island and was commissioned on the 08th June that year, replacing the closed units at HMS Sussex and HMS Wessex.[3][4] In April 2021, it moved to the renovated "Semaphore Tower", within HMNB Portsmouth.

The unit is affiliated with Southampton University Royal Naval Unit and Bearwood College Combined Cadet Force and provides local representation at events including the Ship Festival, in Chichester; and the Remembrance Sunday services in Portsmouth and Hove.[5] Members of the unit are also honorary freedom holders of the City of Portsmouth.[5] Penny Mordaunt, the local MP and former Secretary of State for Defence, is a sub-lieutenant in the RNR based at the site.


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