HMS Forward (shore establishment 1939)

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HMS Forward
Newhaven, East Sussex
HMS Forward is located in East Sussex
HMS Forward
HMS Forward
Coordinates50°48′19″N 0°03′28″E / 50.805253°N 0.057715°E / 50.805253; 0.057715
TypeRoyal Naval Headquarters
Site information
Controlled by United Kingdom
Site history
In use1940-1945
Garrison information
GarrisonRoyal Navy

HMS Forward was a shore establishment of the British Royal Navy during World War II. It was based at South Heighton, just outside Newhaven, East Sussex.

Service history

Based in a former Guinness Trust Holiday Home,[1] Forward served as the command centre for all Royal Naval establishments in the area and was responsible for:

In 1941 a complex of tunnels were constructed 20 m (66 ft) underground to house a centre which plotted all shipping traffic in the English Channel between Dungeness and Selsey Bill, in conjunction with the coastal radar chain.[3]

Forward was decommissioned on 31 August 1945.[1]


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