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Manufacturer Bacchetta Bicycles, Inc
Cycle line recumbent bicycles
Introduced 2001
Status In production

Bacchetta is a brand of recumbent bicycles based in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States. The company was founded in 2001 and it primarily makes short wheelbase recumbents.[1]


Long Wheelbase

  • Bella (20"/26" wheels)
  • Agio (20"/26" wheels) (Discontinued)[2]

Short Wheelbase

  • Giro-20 (20"/26" wheels) (Discontinued)
  • Giro-A20 (20"/26" wheels)
  • Giro-A26 (dual 26" wheels)
  • Corsa-A70 (dual 700c wheels)
  • Corsa-A65 (dual 650c wheels)
  • Carbon Corsa (dual 700 or 650c wheels) (Discontinued)
  • Carbon Aero 2.0 700c (dual 700c wheels) (Discontinued)
  • Carbon Aero 2.0 650c (dual 650c wheels) (Discontinued)
  • Carbon Aero 3.0 700c (dual 700c wheels, disc brake compatible)
  • Carbon Basso 2.0 (20"/700c wheels) (Discontinued)
  • Carbon Basso 3.0 (20"/700c wheels, disc brake compatible)


  • CarbonTrike CT2.0 (2x 20"wheels / 1x 700c wheel) (Discontinued in April 2021 when the design was sold back to Carbontrikes)


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