Admiralty Board (United Kingdom)

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Admiralty Board
Flag of the Admiralty Board
Agency overview
Preceding agency
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
HeadquartersWhitehall, Westminster, London
Agency executive
Parent agencyDefence Council
For the Admiralty Board of Imperial Russia, see Admiralty Board (Russia).

The Admiralty Board is the body established under the Defence Council of the United Kingdom for the administration of the Naval Service of the United Kingdom. It meets formally only once a year, and the day-to-day running of the Royal Navy is conducted by the Navy Board, which does not include any ministers.

The Admiralty Board was established with the abolition of the Board of Admiralty and the integration of the three service ministries into the Ministry of Defence.

The board is chaired by the Secretary of State for Defence and includes the professional heads of the navy, as well as various ministers and civil servants of the Ministry of Defence.

Membership of the Board

The composition is as follows:[1]

In addition, the following are usually in attendance:

Notes: Secretariat support is provided by the Naval Staff Policy/Secretariat and Sec/1SL.

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