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This template is for pages actively undergoing a major edit by the Guild of Copy Editors. Typically, a copy editor who wishes to "claim" (but not "own", of course) an article for copy-editing will place the template on the article to notify other potential editors that the article is being copy-edited. The tag is intended to reduce edit conflicts.

If there is a {{copy edit}} template present on the article and an editor wishes to use this "GOCE in use" template, the "copy edit" template should be replaced with this template.

This template is similar to {{In use}}. The "In use" template contains a notice saying that the template should be removed if the article has not been edited "in several hours". This copy-editing template says "for at least 24 hours", since copy-editing long articles can sometimes take a few days.

If this template has been up for more than 24 hours since the last edit, it should be removed.

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