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  • ...amount of manually [[annotation|annotated]] training data and are usually applied to the recognition task only (although there is work done using machine lea ...ference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL-HLT 2007)
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  • {{Linguistics|Subfields}} ...holarly]] study of [[semantic]], [[orthography|orthographic]], [[syntagma (linguistics)|syntagmatic]] and [[paradigm]]atic features of [[lexeme]]s of the [[lexico
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  • ...Guide |chapter=The languages of Northwest New Guinea |series= The World of Linguistics |volume=4 |location=Berlin |publisher=De Gruyter Mouton |pages=433–568 |i
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  • ...thetic]] qualities, in addition to, or instead of, its apparent [[meaning (linguistics)|meaning]]. ...fine art is art developed primarily for aesthetics, distinguishing it from applied art that also has to serve some practical function. The word "fine" here do
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  • Lord, and more prominently [[Francis Peabody Magoun]], also applied the theory to [[Old English literature#Poetry|Old English poetry]] (princip ...ton, VT: Ashgate Publishing.</ref> The oral-formulaic theory has also been applied to the Olonko epic of the [[Sakha people]] of Siberia.<ref>Harris, Robin. 2
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  • |school_tradition = [[Romantic linguistics]]<ref>Angela Esterhammer (ed.), ''Romantic Poetry'', Volume 7, John Benjami |main_interests = [[Linguistics]]
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  • ==In [[linguistics]]== ...19 |title= When the waves meet the trees |journal=Journal of Historical Linguistics |volume=9 |issue=1 |pages=168–177 |doi=10.1075/jhl.18019.kal |issn= 2210
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  • ...loon]] facility, and latterly, 1952–57, a Joint Services School of Applied Linguistics, training men from the [[Royal Navy|RN]] and RAF in Russian military termin
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  • On a phonological level, the rule is a form of voicing [[Assimilation (linguistics)|assimilation]]: the consonant of the past-tense ending takes on the voicin vocabulary which consists mostly of native Germanic verbs. It cannot be applied to verbs with "new" phonemes such as {{IPA|/ʃ/}} and {{IPA|/ʒ/}}, nor to
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  • ...labour]], however in some cases of serious offenses [[death penalty]] was applied. ..., and Language Relationship: An Introduction to Historical and Comparative Linguistics |url= |access-date=30 October
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  • doctorates and research degrees in the arts, humanities and social and applied sciences. The university is also developing its portfolio of [[Science, tec The university's Salomons Centre for Applied Psychology is based at Meadow Road, in the centre of Tunbridge Wells.
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  • Applied to being, the system fails to arrive at a definition for the simple reason ...nds of "[[Indo-European copula|is]]"es, i.e. ''ast'' ("is", as a [[Copula (linguistics)|copula]]) and ''hast'' (as an existential "is") examines the linguistic pr
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  • ...[[intonation (linguistics)|intonation]], [[accentuation]], and [[prosody (linguistics)|prosody]], has since been called into question and largely been found to h ...comprehension. While the ability to speak fluently with normal [[Prosody (linguistics)|melodic intonation]] is spared, the language produced by a person with Wer
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  • me. I was never arrogant claiming "My Wisdom served me well". Instead I applied to myself the parable of the philosophers. For I heard the following from t ...."<ref>Stephen R. Anderson ''A-Morphous Morphology.'' Cambridge Studies in Linguistics 62. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992. {{ISBN|0-521-37260-7}} har
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  • ...of the [[humanities]]. Some subjects in the humanities are [[history]], [[linguistics]], [[literature]], [[theology]], [[philosophy]], and [[logic]]. order to achieve pleasing [[aesthetics]]. This distinguishes it from [[applied science]] or [[engineering]], which usually concentrate more on the functio
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  • ...It houses a number of special collections mainly relating to the fine and applied arts, like the [[Laura Seddon Greeting Card Collection]], a collection of 3 ...ceives approximately 52,000 applications every year. It is the second most applied-to university in the UK, following the [[University of Manchester]],<ref na
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  • {{About|control theory in engineering|control theory in linguistics|control (linguistics)|control theory in psychology and sociology|control theory (sociology)|and| ...e of the process variable, called the ''error'' signal, or SP-PV error, is applied as feedback to generate a control action to bring the controlled process va
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  • ..., Slovak is a [[fusional language]] with a complex system of [[morphology (linguistics)|morphology]] and relatively flexible [[word order]]. Its vocabulary has be Finally, the rarely applied grammatical principle is present when, for example, the basic singular form
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  • ...generic word referring to any commander or leader of troops, and could be applied to NCOs or officers at many different levels of command. ...tler personally. However, the term ''-führer'' is used in many [[Compound (linguistics)|compound words]]. Examples include ''Bergführer'' (mountain guide), ''Fre
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  • ...'pants'', ''knickers'', and ''[[shorts]]'') the word ''breeches'' has been applied to both outer garments and [[undergarment]]s. ''Breeches'' uses a plural f The spelling ''britches'' is a spelling variant, not a [[corruption (linguistics)|corruption]], dating from the 17th century. Presently, ''britches'' reflec
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