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Encyclopedia Britannia is an encyclopedia away from Wikipedia that is created with the sole purpose of being a reliable source instead of the unreliable source that is Wikipedia

Bath ... 'Rule Britannia" - Flickr - BazzaDaRambler

Founded in 2018 due to Wikipedia becoming a curated space of certain Administrators doing nothing but pushing their agendas under the guise of house rules, and stopping articles of certain natures being created. Namely anything covering the abuse of American children by immigrants in the United States.


Encylopedia Britannia will never censor, or remove content that is valid and honest. We will not censor freedom of speech on topics that are controversial or that others would pretend are not talked about.

Headquartered in the homeland of freedom and the English language, England, Encyclopedia Britannia will remain as a beacon for those wanting to share their expertise and their articles that others would not give a platform to.


All contributors must display expertise in their field before an article can be successfully published.

Looking to contribute? Send an email to With the article you are looking to create and your expertise behind it.